Why is it so hard to be consistent in reading God’s Word?  One reason is that Satan sends distractions, because he doesn’t want us to get into God’s Word.  But when we ALLOW those distractions to keep us from digging into the Word, Satan wins, and our faith is weakened.  The longer we go without feeding on the Word of God, the less hunger we feel for it.  Satan whispers in our ear, “That book is outdated…it isn’t relevant to your life…you don’t need it…God is just a crutch for the weak, and His Word is filled with inconsistencies…” on and on his lies are whispered until we start believing them. 

BUT, when we ignore those distractions and MAKE the time to get grounded in His Word by taking the time to read it every day, or at least several times a week, and take the time to THINK about what we’re reading…our faith muscles will begin to grow; our flabby faith will begin to be toned, and suddenly we realize that God’s Word is not only relevant to our lives…it’s hard to get through the day without it! 

If you are a Christian, but don’t read the Bible regularly…I encourage you to join a Bible study, it’s one of the best ways to get into the Word. There will be people there with whom you can share what you’ve learned in your readings (make sure you do the readings, and prepare for the Bible Study to get the most out of it), and usually there are wonderful discussions about applying the scripture to your life, but don’t stop there…make sure those discussions become fruitful by actually applying the scripture to your life in the ways that were discussed.  Is it easy?  No!!! I fail all the time.  Is it worth it?  A resounding YES!  The difference you will see in your relationship with God will be amazing, especially if you’ve never experienced a closeness with Him through reading His Word!

I hope that reading this blog will keep you digging deeper into His Word.  Three years ago I read through the whole Bible for the first time in my life (I was 49 years old, and had been a Christian for 40 years).  I have since read it through two more times, and am currently just re-reading Revelations.  What a wonderful book!!! 

God has such wonderful things in store for us as believers…but it’s also a book of warnings for those who aren’t believers.  It’s a wake-up call for us to go share our faith; we are to witness to the world.  There is an urgent need for believers to take part in the Great Commission that Jesus has given us!  Read Revelations and re-read it (make sure you either have a good study Bible or a commentary on Revelations to help you understand it, if you are new to the book), and then think about your friends and family, are you willing for any of them to perish under the tribulations that will happen? for them to be thrown into the lake of fire with the devil and his angels, because you never shared your faith with them?  It’s definitely something to think about…and it definitely isn’t easy…but then most things that are worth doing aren’t.

I will try to blog everyday about what I am learning as I begin again on that amazing last book of the Bible.  Please feel free to leave me comments and if you disagree with what I say, let’s get a discussion going!!