Read the Bible in less than a year?

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I blogged about my Bible reading.  I finished Revelations over a year ago! I’m currently on track to finish reading the Bible in less than a year…since I’ve yet to read through it in a year, this is amazing! 

I am finding that the more I read it, the harder it is to put it down.  Since this is my third time through the whole Bible (my first time through, I took my time…read all the notes in my study Bible, and looked up verses in commentaries so it took about a year and a half…the second time, I almost made a year, but because I was often “too busy” to read my daily chapters, I fell behind in my reading and didn’t stay on track…this time I am about a month ahead of the Bible reading plan I’m following) it is amazing the things I am noticing as I read through it so quickly. The Spirit really does help you to understand the scriptures, and leads you into personal revelations of who God is.  While I have always seen this to be true in reading the Bible, I am truly discovering it even more this time through!  God truly is amazing!  

The interesting thing is that quite often when I am lead to a discovery through my Bible reading, it will be reiterated through Bible teaching on the radio, in my quiet time devotions, another book I’m reading, or in a sermon at church. The Lord wants to lead us to new places in our knowledge of Him, and then makes sure we know that what He revealed really is true!  I love Him so much! It is so unbelievable that He could love a sinner like me, and wants me to know Him better, what a wondrous God we serve!  

I only pray that He will help me to be obedient to what He makes plain in His Word.  I was at an Awana conference one year, and one of the speakers said something that really stuck with me. He said, “We are educated way beyond our obedience.”  I think about all of the Bible studies I have attended over the years and all the knowledge I have of the Chrisitan life, and the Bible…yet I am not much more obedient than I was before I learned so much of it.  Yes, I have grown in many ways, but the biggest commandment? The great Commission? I fail so often, I know Romans 1:16 by heart, but I don’t live it out in my everyday life.  

It’s easy to be a Christian in church or with my Christian friends, but put me in a room full of people that I don’t know are saved, and I just don’t carry it through.  Why is sharing my faith so hard? I love Jesus and I know the sacrifice He made for me, why am I embarrassed to talk to unbelievers about Him?  I will just keep praying for God to grow me in this area. I really do want everyone to know Jesus and be saved from God’s coming wrath, but my actions don’t reveal this.

Wow, I’m way past what I intended to blog about, but this is something I struggle with…can anyone else’s out there relate?


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