Revelation – The Crowning Book of the Bible

This book is so awesome, every time I read it I get something new from it.  I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging about what I have been learning.  In my readings of the book of Revelation I am using H.A. Ironside’s Revelation: An Expository Commentary.  He starts off saying that the whole book is The Revelation of Jesus Christ…not Revelations as many of us want to call the book. As he puts it, this book is “one blessed, continous revelation or manifestation of God’s unique Son, the anointed Prophet, Priest, and King.”

Another “revelation” for me is that the whole Bible can be looked at as a perfect circle.  Starting at Genesis with the creation and circling around through the rest of the Pentateuch, the prophets and poetry of the Old Testament through the New Testament Gospels, history, and epistles, until it comes around to Revelations where it “dovetails” right back into creation (the new heaven and the new earth).  The Bible really is “one absolutely, unbroken, and unbreakable circle.”  It is an inspired circle of truth! 

It takes my breath away to realize our precious Lord loves us so much He would reveal Himself in such a perfect way!  Loves in the present tense!!! He is alive and living in us!

What wonderful thoughts Ironside brings out in his book, and how wonderful to be able to have that same great Spirit inside of me that lived inside of him to inspire me to higher thoughts and enable me to understand the precious Word of God!


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