A Prayer from the Heart

Who are we, Lord, that you would take notice of us?

We are like ants compared to You, running to and fro in our busy-ness.
Why have you not washed Your hands of us long ago?
You are so mighty and awesome, Lord, yet You care for us – Your love for us is everlasting.  
How can this be?  We continually turn away from You and misuse Your name and the name of Your   

Yet You are always there waiting for us to turn to You in our hour of need, to forgive us, and to call us 

to live with You in Your eternal dwelling place You are preparing for us.

You alone are God.  There is none other like You.

You, the  creator of the universe – our creator – You love us.
Is there anything so amazingly incomprehensible that you could love us, even in our messed up lives?
No, there is nothing as incomprehensible as Your love for us!
You make my heart sing Your praises, You are my God, and I love you.
Please keep my heart turned toward you; help me to not get caught up in the craziness of this life and 
forget Your loving precepts for my life.  Help me to follow Your path, not my own.

Please, Lord, give me the strength to follow you, and to not fear what man can do or say to me.

My heart cries out to You, Lord.  Your way is too hard for me, I continually leave Your path because I 
fear the pain of embarrassment or rejection.  
Help me to not be ashamed (embarrassed) of the gospel; help me to stand up for what I know is true…why am I so weak?
Oh, Lord, please give me strength to do your will, give me strength to share your love,
give me strength to be all that you want to me to be.

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